Saree Fall and Edging

SKU: V-SA-S-0071-P20

Rs. 250.00 INR
Standard practice after buying a saree is having its fall and edging done. As the name suggests,  the sari fall ensures that your sari pleats fall nicely. Saree fall refers to sturdy cotton or terry-cotton fabric that is sewed and attached to the hem of a saree, such that it covers the initial drape and pleats area only. Fall is attached from the wrong side of the sari, and must not be visible from the outside. The Sari Pallu and the final drape leading to Pallu don’t have the fall.
Edging is done on the loose ends of the saree so that threads don't come out.
For our International customers whose product will be shipped outside India, Fall & Pico service will be free of cost.

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