Ombré like the sunset sky,Red like the sindoor on ma’s maang, White like the jasmine on Ganesha’s feet, & Green like the moss on a stream-side stone.

All the colors of nature & everyday life inspire the designs at Vani Vrtti.

What will be your color today?


My sister and I are diehard admirers of the textiles designed by Anupriya Mridha and brought to shimmering, colorful life by her team of talented weavers. Each saree is a gem, greatly enhancing my sister's extensive saree collection. Keep up the amazing work, Anupriya, Amlan, and Team Vani Vrtti!

-Anil & Kanchan

I found Vani Vrtti by chance on IG. I love handloom, so of course, I paused and stared. The sarees looked intriguing, there was tradition plus something else there... the details were fine, the fabric looked lustrous. But how was one to know if the sarees indeed were as lovely as they looked in those pictures? I didn’t know anyone who’d bought from this shop. I decided to take a chance and ordered a feisty red Sambalpuri. When it arrived, I fell in love with it on sight. The saree indeed was rich and distinct with a fabulous fall. Have bought another beautiful khadi tussar silk from Van Vrtti. And now look forward to every post and keep planning the next purchase. I particularly enjoy the prompt and cultured exchanges we have when I enquire about a saree. It’s a pleasure to talk to Vani Vrtti, and their designs bring an age old handloom world to our taste and time.


I am very impressed with Vani Vrtti sarees designed by Anupriya. Her designs are very unique and authentic. I always look forward to the latest designs that are created by her. The whole Vanivrtti team is very professional and easy to deal with. Wishing Anupriya and her team a bright and prosperous future!


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