Deep Purple Matsya Kachhap Checks Handspun Tussar Silk Saree

SKU: V-DE-S-0824-P23

Rs. 32,500.00 INR


Step into a world where traditional Odisha motifs meet modern elegance with our unique saree collection. Drawing inspiration from the timeless Matsya, Kachhap, and Rudraksha designs, our talented designer has artfully reimagined these iconic symbols in a contemporary layout, all adorned in the signature hues of Vani Vrtti.

The meticulously crafted border showcases the perfect harmony of the Matsya, Kachhap, and Rudraksha motifs, beautifully blending tradition and innovation. The palla features an intricate Jaal pattern, painstakingly handwoven with these motifs in three captivating colors. Each motif is carefully chosen, reflecting the artistry of our skilled artisans and their dedication to their craft.

Handwoven from the finest handspun tussar silk using a complex Jala technique, this saree is a living testament to the heritage of Odisha. With a story to tell and a legacy to be cherished, this piece encapsulates the essence of tradition and craftsmanship. Elevate your style with a saree that encapsulates the rich cultural heritage of Odisha while embracing modern aesthetics.

Saree length including blouse 6.5 meters.
Blouse piece 80 cm.

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