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Our Story



"In a world full of aspiration, ambition & desire, Vani Vrtti came as a labor of love."

The inception started with a young girl’s dream, showered by a father’s unconditional love & enriched by the ideas of those who came before her.

During her time as a fashion student & her stint at Fab India, Vani Vrtti’s founder Anupriya noticed a gap in the industry for quality weaves at affordable prices. She dreamt of starting her line where she could showcase her talent & give skilled artisans a platform to shine. Determined to give her ideas an identity & create something she could call her own, she quit her job at the prestigious apparel & lifestyle giant and took a leap of faith. Taking such a significant step was life-changing. And like any radical moment of life, it was accompanied by fear. Lots of sleepless nights ensued, fueled by creativity but trying nevertheless. It was then that Himangsu Mridha gently held hands & whispered words of encouragement to his daughter. He was there at every exhibition & every showcase, cheering her on from the background. To this day, Anu’s parents remain her biggest fans. 

Although her parent’s support meant everything to her, Anu’s best friend, now husband, Amlan, was a cornerstone in her life. He gave her constructive & unfiltered feedback and went to great lengths to be present during every crucial milestone. 

Anupriya’s close relationships with her weavers were a vital element of Vani Vrtti’s foundation & success. She would spend time listening to their ideas, difficulties & dreams and share pointers to refresh their designs for the modern generation. The weavers backed Anu with enthusiasm when she decided to start her line. Their expertise & support helped make Vani Vrtti what it is today. The bestselling Gurubari collection is an homage to Gurubari Das, their first weaver, and first woman artisan.

Today Vani Vrtti houses a diverse, colorful & one-of-a-kind collection of Odisha’s finest silk & cotton weaves. Among the contemporary designs are rare patterns that showcase fine artistry & creativity. The traditional techniques lay bare the core of Odisha’s soul. Each handspun & handmade saree is art in every warp & every weft. It is an ode of love from us to you.