Off White Tribal Master Weave Tiger Kotpad Shawl

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handloom is a simple machine used for weaving.HANDLOOM               Extra weft also Jala is a technique in which  one weft yarn is used to weave the ground cloth of saree and an additional weft is inserted at intervals to create a decorative pattern on surface of the saree. EXTRA WEFT

Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber COTTON                  Natural dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants, invertebrates, or minerals. NATURAL DYE
spinning wheel also charkha is a device used for spinning thread or yarn from fibres.HANDSPUN.            weft interlocking is a technique used for adding blocks of colors and creating seams of color.Here two weft yarns are woven or join with the warp yarns.  WEFT INTERLOCKING 



Explore Vani Vrtti's exclusive Kotpad Textiles collection, a heritage from Odisha's Koraput district where our journey began in 2016. We proudly present the finest Kotpad Tribal Textiles, now including elegant Stoles, alongside Sarees, Dupattas, and Yardages. Kotpad textiles are renowned for their natural dyeing process, having earned the Geographical Indication of India in 2005. In the charming lanes of Kotpad Village, Odisha, skilled women artisans hand-dye cotton hanks with madder red, sourced from aul tree roots, and natural black, created from iron rust fermented with jaggery.

This laborious, organic process involves women treating the hanks with cow dung, castor oil, harida, and mud as a mordant before natural dyeing. The non-toxic dyes are gentle on the skin, offering an eco-friendly color range from deep maroon to dark brown. These hues blend harmoniously with the natural off-white cotton yarn. Kotpad textiles feature intricate motifs inspired by nature, reflecting the region's rich culture. Skilled male and female weavers bring these designs to life on pit looms, using techniques passed down through generations. The result is an exquisite collection of purely natural dyed organic textiles, available at Vani Vrtti.

Shawl length 2.56 meters, width 80 cm 

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