Off White Red Ikkat Saukini Traditional Gopalpur Khadi Tussar Silk Saree

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SKU: V-OF-S-0194-P20

Saukini Saree as traditionally named by the weavers, the Laal Kaani (border in Oriya) Kumbha ( temple border ) with natural tussar color as the body is regarded as an auspicious saree in Odia Culture. It is a special saree which is mostly worn during puja ceremonies. It is symbolic of Purity. Vani Vrtti brings to you the traditional ‘Saukini Saree’ in pure Khadi Tussar silk. This saree is a traditional saree of Gopalpur village of Odisha and is been woven for 30 years. Women remove the tussar yarns from the wild cocoon by reeling it on there thigh and men and women tie-dye it to form Kumbhas in the border. Anchal has ikkat in cotton that is procured from the Bandha makers of Sambalpur or Nuapatna. Men and women both weave saree in the Gopalpur village.
The specialty of a Vani Vrtti Saukini Saree is the quality of the Khadi Tussar used. The natural color Tussar has its own beauty radiating a pure natural beige color. Every line has a different shade and thickness. And the shine of natural tussar color is most regal. The saree comes with a red color Khadi tussar blouse piece.


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