Off White Maroon Master Weave Tiger Dupatta

SKU: V-OF-S-0132-P20

Rs. 9,800.00 INR
Vani Vrtti brings to you an exclusive Kotpad Textiles collection from our very own Koraput district of Odisha from where Vani Vrtti’s foundation was laid back in 2016. We are very proud and glad to present you the best Kotpad Tribal Textiles in form of Saree, Stoles, Dupattas and Yardages. Handspun Cotton Khadi yarn is dyed in natural madder derived from Aul tree roots found in nearby forests, then woven on a pit loom by our weaver of Mirgan street of Kotpad Village of Odisha through the imagination of nature and immediate surroundings, replicated into handpicked extra weft motifs. The three shuttle temple border is handpicked from both sides into interlocking technique, eventually making it an exquisite Pure Natural Dyed Organic Textiles of India.
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