Madder Red Padmaja Praakrtik Natural Dyed Mulberry Silk Ikat Saree

SKU: V-MA-S-0341-P20


handloom is a simple machine used for weaving.HANDLOOM           A mulberry silk wormMULBERRY SILK

ikat is a technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving. IKAT                          Extra weft also Jala is a technique in which  one weft yarn is used to weave the ground cloth of saree and an additional weft is inserted at intervals to create a decorative pattern on surface of the saree. JALA / EXTRA WEFT

Extra warp also Dobby  is a technique where additional warp ends are inserted in border of the saree and used to create a decorative pattern on top of the saree border. DOBBY / EXTRA WARP  
Natural dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants, invertebrates, or minerals. NATURAL DYE

The characteristics of Odisha Ikkat is its fine curvilinear lines.
Spellbound with the accuracy in Banda Technique of Odisha Weavers, here at Vani Vrtti we present Padmaja celebrating bandha “ mulberry silk saree in Manjistha (Indian Madder) natural dye.
This is a work of collaboration of our Masterweaver and Textile Designer, making it an heirloom exquisite piece of art.

Saree length including blouse 6.3 meters.
Blouse piece 75 cm.

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