Black Red Orange Ganga Jamuna Khadi Tussar Silk Saree

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SKU: V-BL-S-0054-P20

Rs. 10,500

Gurubari Tussars is all about exploring and experimenting the tribe within you, through the aroma and textures of khadi tussars.

 It’s a collection of handwoven and hand-spun textured desi tussar silk sarees from the quaint villages of Odisha. The women from the village remove the tussar threads from the wild cocoon and reel it on their thigh, which makes Gurubari desi tussar silk saree an exquisite creation. The weaver weaves it by hand on a dobby and jala stand loom which approximately takes a week to create one saree. Textile designer Anupriya Mridha along with the master weaver, conceptualizes it to a fusion of contemporary yet traditional 6-yards.


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